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Open steak sourdough sandwich with caremelised onions and watercress




Photographer: Mowie Kay

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Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Give dinner time a boost with our new game-changing paste and delicious recipe ideas

Meaning “pleasant savoury taste” in Japanese, umami is a flavour profile that’s meaty and broth-like. Our new Cook with M&S magic umami paste is made using miso, yeast extract, fish sauce, garlic and mushroom, and adds intense depth and flavour to savoury dishes. One idea for this versatile paste is to mix it into mayonnaise to use in bacon sandwiches, bao buns and poke bowls. It’s also brilliant in gravy – simply add a dollop of the paste when the gravy is simmering and serve alongside a roast dinner or in your favourite homemade pie. Or try adding the paste to softened butter and use to baste meat or flavour vegetables. You could also refrigerate the butter after the paste has been added, slice into rounds and use to top steak for a delicious flavour boost.
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“Add your umami BUTTER to an open
steak sourdough sarnie with caramelised
onions and watercress”