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Woman wearing Skyn Iceland hydro cool firming eye gels




Photo: Alberto Badalamenti

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Beauty editor


The stresses of modern life play havoc with the eyes. Revive them with Skyn Iceland’s eye gels

Most of us can attest to a toxic mix of sleep deprivation, dehydration, pollution and too much computer time – all of which take their toll on our skin health, especially around the delicate eye area. Enter the hydro cool firming eye gels from Skyn Iceland. The little gel patches are infused with a medley of goodness – peptides, antioxidants and botanicals – to soothe, tone and de-puff tired eyes. A favourite backstage with make-up artists, the moist patches feel fridge-cold on the skin and, after 10 minutes, leave eyes looking more awake and skin feeling taut and refined.
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“In just 10 MINUTES, eyes
appear brighter, and skin feels
noticeably firmer”