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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves




Turbocharge your beauty sleep with our edit of products designed to maximise your slumber time

1. Put dry skin to bed with this ultra-rich, hydrating overnight mask from Origins, £12.

2. Sometimes, the only thing better than getting dressed up to go out is getting dressed up to stay in. Start with cashmere socks, £30.

3. Elevate your evening bath to spa status by investing in ultra-fluffy towels, from £4, designed to stay soft wash after wash.

4. Before you dive under the duvet, amp up the quality-sleep potential by adding a spoonful of This Works bath soak, £22, to your tub.

5. Rest assured you’ll be as stylish by night as you are by day with these luxurious floral-print PJs, £35.

6. Never underestimate the simple joy of a soothing candle. Light ‘Tranquillity’ by Neom, £16, for scents of lavender, basil and jasmine.

7. Nurture a better night’s sleep by cocooning yourself in this dreamy goose down-filled duvet, from £239.

8. Spray for a good-night’s sleep with Ren’s blend of essential oils, £18, designed to relax, calm and reduce anxiety.

9. Pure cotton for pure comfort. You need this cosy dressing gown, £60, for snuggly sofa time.
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