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From snuggly slippers to practical boots, finding kids’ winter footwear is a walk in the park with our guide

Ready-to-run trainers

Trainers are not only a supremely practical choice for busy kids on the go, but they’ve also become a style statement, with a range of eye-catching looks available. Turn heads with psychedelic shades, neon colour pops and chunky shapes. Our kids’ trainers also contain special technology to keep feet fresh by fighting odour-producing bacteria.

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Multicoloured kids’ trainers
Try these rainbow-bright trainers
Glittery kids’ trainers
A glittery treat for little feet
Kids’ trainers in black with multicoloured flashes
We love these chunky trainers
Multicoloured kids’ rip-tape trainers
Easy-to-pop-on rip-tape trainers

Wellies for rainy days

We suspect there may be a smidgen or two of rain to contend with this winter – but never fear, a fun, sturdy range of wellies is here. Choose from a wide selection of prints, from colourful hearts to camouflage wellies, as well as playful details such as dinosaur fins. Our kids’ wellies also include a handy tab at the back to help children pull them on and off with ease.

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Navy striped wellies
Available in three fun colours
Love heart wellies
Wellies to capture young hearts
Khaki camouflage wellies
Stand out in these cool wellies
Dinosaur wellies
Dinosaur wellies for the win

Winter’s warmest boots

As the leaves turn brown, one of the main things we look forward to is stomping around in a cosy pair of boots again. Our kids’ selection ranges from simple but versatile black boots to outfit-making embellished designs. These leopard-print patent boots (below) have a special place in our hearts though – please can someone design adult ones to match?

Shop girls’ winter boots
Shop boys’ winter boots


Black lace-up boots
Go-with-everything winter boots
Rainbow boots
These are pot of gold-level boots
Kids’ Chelsea boots
Chelsea boots are a wardrobe winner
Leopard-print kids’ boots
Glitter + leopard + patent = LOVE

Roar-some kids’ slippers

Snuggly feet are happy feet, and they’re pretty much guaranteed with our vibrant range of kids’ slippers. Many of the designs are made from recycled polyester, including these terrifyingly cute monster slippers, and the Percy Pig pair (he’s so much more than just a snack these days). Cosy slipper boots and practical rip-tape slippers are also included in the range – nights in never looked so fun!

Shop boys’ slippersShop girls’ slippers


Monster slippers
Monstrously good slippers
Percy Pig slippers
Percy Pig takes on a new guise
Harry Potter slippers
Enchanting Harry Potter slipper boots
Unicorn slippers
The cosiest unicorns around

Words: Sophie Hines

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