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It’s a style that’s stood the test of time: here are five reasons why the humble striped T-shirt is your ultimate summer basic, whatever your age

Stripy tees this way


A brush with bands

Modern art legends like Warhol and Picasso () were big fans of the striped tee

1 It’s genuinely timeless. From teenagers to centenarians, there isn’t a man that doesn’t suit a striped T-shirt. The simplicity of its design makes it the most democratic of style choices, and gives it trans-generational appeal.

2 It’s got serious style pedigree. Some of coolest men in history have been striped T-shirt devotees. From the art world’s Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol to music’s Kurt Cobain and Harry Styles, striped tees transcend social groups and classes. It’s a style that everyone from Samuel L Jackson to the Ramones can wear with equal authority.

3 It’s decorative, but not fancy. Straightforward stripes give a punchy look to the basic T-shirt, whether they’re thick graphic bands like James Dean’s, or nautical Bretons à la Paul Newman. Equally spaced horizontal stripes are the easiest way join the club: just ask Idris Elba.

4 It’s incredibly versatile. This most basic of garments punches well above its weight – from acting as a base layer in cooler months to being a statement in its own right come summer, the striped T-shirt goes with pretty much everything. When the heat is on, pair with shorts or chinos for a failsafe sunny look – we’re keen on tucking in the tee and bringing it together with a woven belt for a smarter take on the classic combo. At the other end of the scale, slipping a T-shirt under a sharply cut suit brings an understated confidence to a formal look – as rules around men’s attire have relaxed in recent years, this styling trick is one to try both in the office and at summer occasions.

5 Ours are built to last. Snap up our bestselling style and you’ll get serious bang for your buck. This classic regular-fit shape is cut from sustainable cotton and has built-in tech that keeps it looking new and feeling soft – and all for under £10, making this enduring favourite a failsafe choice.

Photographs: Rex & Getty / Menswear editor: Ian Wright

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