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Man wearing pale blue checked suit with white grandad collar shirt




Photographer: Daniel Thomas Smith

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Ian Wright

Menswear editor


Does your tailoring need a check-up? We’ve found just the suit

While every man should own the classic navy and grey suits, sometimes it’s important to break out from more sober sartorial confines and go a little bolder. We’ve got a few statement-makers in our range, but this is the one I’ll be donning when I feel like standing out a bit more than usual. Sky blue is an eye-catching shade onto which we’ve added a contrasting tramline check, giving it a confident, modern feel – imagine this among a sea of neutrals and you’ll see why I’m all for it. As it’s very current, a grandad collar shirt makes the perfect partner – it offsets the formality in a combination you’ll be checked out in at weddings and work alike.
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“A touch of STRETCH allows
the tailored fit to move”