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Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Ian Wright

Menswear editor


Authentic, timeless jeans take ages to perfect, right? Well, not any more

There’s really nothing quite like your favourite pair of jeans. They’re the ones that have been to all the gigs, sports events and nights out with you. They’ve evolved with you, adapted to your body and picked up marks and abrasions along the way. They look great, but it’s taken a while. So, we’ve cut to the chase and done some of the work for you with these vintage-wash jeans. Soft and broken in already, we’ve added some classic whiskering to the lap and given them considered washes and tints so they have the look and feel of your faithful pair, straight off the hanger. That said, where your wallet rubs or your keys dig in, you’ll have to do yourself.
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“As with all our JEANS,
the cotton comes from
more sustainable sources”