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Set yourself up for the dream night’s sleep and try these five easy tricks before diving under the duvet – no sheep counting necessary

Take the pillow test

Whether you like them piled high or flat as a pancake, the humble pillow can make or break your sleep by keeping your body properly supported (very important so you don’t wake up with aches and pains). Here’s how to find your ultimate pillow partner.

If you sleep on your side: A firm pillow provides height and support for your head and neck to keep your body nicely aligned. Bending your knees and placing a pillow between them also keeps your spine in a neutral position.

If you sleep on your back: A medium pillow gives gentle support and keeps your head up without pushing it forward, keeping to the natural curve of your neck and spine.

If you sleep on your front: A soft pillow that’s relatively flat will help make sure your head and neck aren’t strained. Consider popping an extra one under your tummy to keep your lower back properly supported.

Perfect pillows this way

Chill out

There’s real science behind the power of a relaxing bath before bed. Although you don’t realise it, the body prepares itself for sleep by cooling down slightly first. Warming up for 20 minutes in the tub then getting out forces the same drop in temperature, tricking your body into sleep-ready mode.

Giving your body enough time to cool down properly after you’ve towelled off is key, which is why experts say you shouldn’t bathe any later than two hours before bed. Supercharge the effects by adding a glug of bath oil or bath salts laced with stress-busting notes of lavender or jasmine and create a cosy ambiance with a soothing scented candle in the background. Bliss!

Bathtime beauty heroes
Super-soft snuggly towels

Fall asleep faster

If feather-light sleeping habits run in the family, then chances are counting sheep night after night isn’t going to cut it. Our advice? Teach your mini-me good sleep habits from an early age with help from This Works’ award-winning sleep spray, safe to use on children aged three or over. Simply mist it over pillows before diving under the duvet and let its super-blend of nature’s most soothing and calming essential oils work dream-weaving magic. Not your average pillow mist, this wonder worker is proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed (the dream combo). You can use it during pregnancy, plus there’s a baby-friendly version for tots over three months old.

This Works this way

Keep your feet snug

Something as simple as having bare footsies in bed could be your problem – studies suggest that cold feet can upset the body’s finely tuned system for releasing the sleep hormone melatonin, preventing you from getting to dreamland.

Cold feet are far less sexy than wearing socks to bed, so take our advice and stay snug with a pair of our ridiculously soft and stylish 100 per cent cashmere socks (no bedtime is complete without them). Even better – you can pop them in the washing machine and they’ll retain their cosiness wash after wash. Your feet will thank you (as will the dark circles under your eyes).

Treat your feet

Get into your comfort zone

We spend one third of our lives in bed – so it’s worth splashing out on some five-star comfort. It starts with choosing the perfect mattress, but remember, it’s not just what you sleep on, but what you sleep in that makes a difference.

Pick the perfect pyjamas: Pure cotton nightwear doesn’t just feel soft next to your skin, it’s also lightweight and breathable (the dream if you overheat at night). Alternatively, if you feel the chill, our cotton-rich PJs are all you need to stay toasty.

Snuggle down: From a natural or synthetic filling to the tog rating, there are lots of factors to think about when buying a new duvet. This handy guide makes it easy to find the dream one for you.

Don’t forget your face: Getting your beauty sleep isn’t just about how many zzzs you catch, but what you put on to supercharge its revitalising effects before you go to bed. It’s why customers can’t get enough of our bestselling Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream.

Dream duvets
New nightwear

Editor: Emma Robertson / Photographer: Luke Kirwan (last image)