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Smart ideas for your study

Your workspace should inspire you – whether it’s a serene, minimal sanctuary or a lively creative hub. From space-saving tricks to decorating ideas, here’s how to create a study that works for you


The classic study

Recreate the old-school charm of a classic study – this calm, elegant look nods to tradition and suits most homes. The Sonoma oak desk is a good starting place – top with retro wooden accessories, then add framed antique-style geographical, architectural and botanical prints. A clock displaying different time zones will give your space a global feel. Bring an extra dimension to the room with home fragrance: choose citrus scents to encourage creativity and jasmine to combat stress.

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desk with vintage-style
wooden accessories”


The creative space

Nurture your artistic side with bright colours and graphic prints; choose two or three shades to keep the look cohesive. Bold accessories work best with simple, clean-lined furniture – this Bradshaw desk and bamboo chair come in a cool two-tone finish. Unusual storage ideas, such as keeping pens or paintbrushes in a coloured glass vase, will give your space an original edge. Add fresh flowers or indoor plants to lift your mood and boost creativity.

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“Choose BRIGHT
accessories and prints
in two or three hues


The compact corner

Whether it’s a box room or part of your living area, a smaller space means storage is key: this Hastings desk has built-in drawers and a slide-out keyboard shelf. Open ladder shelving gives a light, airy feel, while wall storage frees up floor space. To keep your desk clear, nail oversized bulldog clips to the wall for organising paperwork, or hang strings of memos using mini wooden pegs. A plain, simple scheme creates the illusion of a bigger room.

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“Built-in DRAWERS
make a smaller room
feel more spacious


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