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Homemade fruity ice lollies and drinks




Photographer: Maja Smend

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Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Make holidaying at home fun and taste incredible by making these super-refreshing fruity lollies and drinks

With blue skies and soaring temperatures hopefully on the cards for your staycation, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in delicious fruit-packed treats that both big and little ones will enjoy making and eating! For ice lollies, simply pour your favourite juice into lolly moulds, add fresh fruit and a stick, then freeze for three hours or until solid. My favourite flavour combos? Our lemonade juice drink is perfect with mint and juicy Sapphire raspberries, while our orange juice is yummily tropical with passion fruit and kiwi. For mocktails, top juices or smoothies with fresh fruit, such as slices of our sweet Red Diamond strawberries, whole blackberries, or pineapple wedges, then finish with a colourful paper straw.
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“A FRUITY ice lolly is the
perfect refresher to enjoy
at the (paddling) pool