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As the owner of an eclectic wardrobe, designer and lecturer Kirsty Kirkpatrick is keen to declutter. Here, our M&S stylists show her how to create the ultimate capsule closet

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Kirsty, a Scottish jewellery designer, brand consultant and lecturer, is hoping M&S style advisers will streamline her wardrobe to make getting dressed easier and relatively stress-free.

“When you say you’re a designer, you’re instantly judged!” explains Kirsty. “I teach fashion marketing to university students, and yet, when I’m on the train to Northampton at 5am, I’m thinking: ‘why didn’t I wear something else?’ Or ‘are my shoes the wrong colour?’ When it comes to my own style, it’s just too personal – I can’t be objective; my brain won’t focus.”

The source of Kirsty’s morning clothing dilemmas? An eclectic wardrobe packed with quirky yet mismatched clothes, and a mix of patterns and colours but very little balance. “I struggle to pair up the pieces with each other,” she says. “So I may have a nice top but nothing to go on the bottom and vice versa, which is why I default to dresses because it’s a whole look.”

Kirsty is also keen to understand how to dress her petite hourglass frame. “Normally I go for a Fifties cut because I have a small waist and curvy hips, but I have so much more to learn about how to flatter my shape. And I would really appreciate some new ideas on how to balance colour, pattern and texture in a look because I’m stuck in a rut.”

Our M&S stylists introduced Kirsty to contemporary silhouettes that accentuate her figure without compromising on her quirky style, such as an easy-to-wear printed jumpsuit with wide, cropped legs, and a bold mustard blouse paired with a tailored long-line jacket and a shimmering silver midi skirt. Similarly, by tucking a classic Breton top into a high-waisted skirt and cinching with a faux-snakeskin belt, the stylists demonstrated how to create an elegant look with a modern twist.

Kirsty is thrilled with the streamlined capsule wardrobe our style specialists curated for her. “It’s everything that’s me, only slightly more sophisticated and still with a cool edge. It’s fantastic! Thank you for making me feel so good.”

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Interviewer: Dulcie Emerson / Photographer: Ian Harrison
Stylist: Alison McDougal and Jamie Wilson

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