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Black table lamp on a glass coffee table, black floor lamp and four differently shaped mirrors




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves

Miranda Eason

Senior content editor


Make rooms feel bigger and brighter with a mirror that reflects your decor style

Interior stylists have long known the power of a well-placed mirror to create a focal point and make a room feel bigger and brighter. First, think about style. Go for black-framed mirrors in a minimalist home, add a luxe feel with a curvy gold-framed mirror, make a statement with a round starburst mirror or fake a window with a windowpane mirror. Then, before you hang the mirror, check what it will reflect. Make a room brighter by positioning the mirror in the best place to catch light from the window and bounce it back into the room. Reflect greenery from outside for a nature boost. Place a mirror behind a lamp or candle to maximise light in the evening. Once you’ve decided, carefully hang your mirror, sit back and enjoy your refreshed space.
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