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Aperitivo spritz and orange juice ice lollies




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Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor

Aperitivo ice lollies, anyone?

Try our tasty recipe for grown-ups-only ice lollies, starring this summer’s must-sip spritz

Whether our aperitivo spritz has become your go-to summer tipple or you’re looking for a refreshing (and slightly boozy) iced treat, our aperitivo ice lolly idea is just the ticket. Zesty and deliciously refreshing, it’s super simple to make and requires only three ingredients. Simply mix 150ml of our aperitivo spritz with 150ml orange juice, then pour into lolly moulds. Place a slice of orange and a stick into each of the lolly mould sections. Freeze until solid, then remove from the moulds. If the lollies are tricky to remove, briefly dip in hot water to loosen. For a double dose of deliciousness, I’ll be serving this summer star alongside a glass of spritz while soaking up some sunshine at home.
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“Our aperitivo SPRITZ is made from
refreshing Spanish white wine and
intensely zesty orange bitters”