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Children wearing M&S school uniform


Muddy knees, creased shirts and school lunch spillages – kids don’t always get it right when it comes to looking after their uniform. That’s why we make uniforms for parents, as well as children. Because life isn’t uniform, and childhood shouldn’t be either. We asked four busy blogger mums to share their #LifeIsntUniform stories, which are sure to make you smile with recognition (and relief).

“What is it this week, Boo?”

Known by her family (and now her school teachers) as the clumsy one, Boo is always in the wars and has had her arm in a cast more than once.

Even in a photo Rosie took of Boo on her fourth birthday, she can be seen rocking her signature pink armwear. But what we don’t see is the person out of shot holding it up for her, as her cast was so heavy!

Squeezing a cast into a school uniform doesn’t help the morning routine run any smoother, either – two of Boo’s cardigans even had to get the chop! But our Easy Dressing range makes wiggling clothes over casts, cuts and scrapes (almost) a breeze.

Poaching from pupils

Sarah’s daughter, Isla, has a habit of taking things she shouldn’t – whether it’s from the classroom or the lost-property basket. She craftily pinches artwork with other students’ names on and tries to pass it off as her own. Sometimes she even tries to get them put up on the fridge at home.

“I have a really funny photo of her sat outside school in a complete outfit – but not one part of it belongs to her," laughs Sarah. "So it’s great, I’m constantly doing other people’s washing!”

The stress-saving technology in our school uniforms makes them resistant to nasty stains – so if your little one has cheeky tendencies like Isla, at least there’s less chance they’ll ruin other children’s clothes!

Disappearing jumpers

Mum-of-four Mel has her work cut out with daughter Ellie. Nicknamed the “serial uniform loser” by Mel, Ellie has a tendency to misplace her school clothes on a daily basis (despite taking two jumpers every morning).

“I put one on her, obviously, and one in her school bag," says Mel. "And you know what? Every day she comes home with no jumper. So after a few months, I went to the school and explained that we’d run out – the teacher found nine jumpers with Ellie’s name on. Nine! Seriously!”

If your uniform-wearer seems to be forever without their jumper, our crease-resistant shirts will keep them looking presentable and save you ironing time. That’s one less thing to worry about.

Gift-giving Amelie

Every time Amelie comes home from school, she brings someone a gift. While it might be slightly unusual, mum Sarah hopes it’s a habit that continues – “Whether it’s two little stones from the playground, some daisies or a drawing for her sister,” says Sarah.

If the thought of your little gift-giver hunting outdoors in their uniform in search of presents fills you with dread, don’t fret. Our scuff-resistant and durable leather shoes will keep them looking smart after even the most daring of expeditions.