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  • Scan & Shop Mobile App is available in all M&S owned food stores. Excludes M&S Simply Food Franchise stores at Service stations, Railway stations, Hospitals and Airports. In selected stores, you can also use one of our in-store Scan & Shop devices while shopping

  • The Scan & Shop App works on devices running iOS 10 (or a later version of iOS) or Android 4.4 (or a later version of Android).

  • Yes, Scan & Shop is an exclusive feature available to Sparks customers, along with many other tailored offers, rewards and promotions that Sparks has to offer.

  • No, currently this is only available for food products

  • If you are struggling to connect to the app check the below tips to ensure you are good to go!

    1. Poor cellular connection - why not try and connect to the free M&S instore Wi-Fi.
    2. Location permissions - ensure you have allowed access to your location as we need to detect which store you are in while using the feature (only while using the app)
    3. Camera permissions - ensure you have allowed access to your camera to enable the device to scan product barcodes (only while using the app)
    4. Latest app version - check you are up to date with the latest version in the Apple/Google Play store

    If you are still having issues, or the issue relates to one of our in-store Scan & Shop devices, speak to one of our colleagues who will be happy to help you.

  • Yes, including ‘Buy one, get one free’ items and multibuys to ensure discounts are applied and you pay the right price

  • If you wish to purchase age restricted items (i.e., alcohol, medicines) or you are spending over £45, you can scan as normal and then transfer your shopping basket to a till. Please scan a QR code at a dedicated Scan & Shop till and complete your transaction with no restrictions.

  • For bakery items simply scan the barcode on the shelf ticket or type in the 3 digit code. For loose fruit and veg use the scales provided near self service tills to print a ticket and scan the barcode or type in the 3 digit code on the shelf ticket.

  • If any item does not scan, you can type in the 8 digit product code on the barcode or it may mean you are not able to purchase that item in the app and a prompt will appear to indicate this. Please go to a normal till to purchase these items.

  • Definitely, we encourage it to reduce plastic waste. As you scan items put them straight in your bag. If you do not have a bag, pick one up from a bag stand and either scan the barcode on the on bag or use add a bag function in the app.

  • You can edit items in the basket screen using the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ toggles on the item or swipe left to remove the item from your basket.

  • No, currently we can’t accept them through the Scan & Shop App, please pay at a normal till to use these.

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