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Meet the fishermen

At M&S, we travel the world searching for the very best products and suppliers of the highest calibre, so all you have to do to hunt out exceptional food is head in store. We ventured to the frozen coast of Norway to meet the fishermen dedicated to finding the best cod and haddock in the ocean

Meet the M&S fishermen in Norway

To the sea

Rocking and tumbling in a boat in the inky, ice-cold waters somewhere off the frost-bitten coast of Norway probably isn't everyone's first choice when it comes to work, but for the arctic fishermen who brave the swelling seas for weeks at a time, it's the best life in the world.

We travelled to Tromso to meet the people who hunt for "white gold" – cod and haddock – and discover what makes them extra special, from how they mature in the deep, winter waters to how best to create delicious dishes from these most treasured of fish.

What makes our fish special

Find out why our cod and haddock from cold, clear waters of Norway is the catch of the day

Norweigian sescape

Specially designated seas

Our fishermen only catch cod and haddock for M&S from sustainable fisheries

Sustainable seafood

All our Norwegian cod and haddock is independently certified as sustainable by the Maritime Stewardship Council

Fishing boat at sea in Norway
Polar nights

Selected dates

We fish during the cold, polar winter to ensure we catch fish of the highest quality

Meticulous methods

All of our Norwegian cod and haddock is line-caught, never trawled

fisherman catching fish by line

Tastes good, does good

There are lots of reasons why we should be eating more fish, the most obvious being that it's just so very good for us.

Not only is it a fantastic source of low-calorie protein and blood-thinning omega 3 fatty acids, white fish is packed with B vitamins, which are essential for maintaining your food metabolism and the formation of red blood cells. White fish like cod and haddock are also a good source of vitamin B12, which promotes cardio-vascular health – ideal if you have a family history of diabetes or high blood pressure.

A piece of well-cooked, satisfying fish makes a great meat alternative, too, so why not make it your new year's resolution to try and eat a little more of our sustainably caught cod and haddock? Our fresh recipes, such as this flavour-packed Moroccan-style haddock with roast potatoes and red peppers, should give you all the inspiration you need.

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Stuck in a recipe rut? There's a world of fish waiting out there to be discovered. Get inspired to start exploring with our bespoke recipes using Norwegian cod and haddock

The easy dinner party dish

Impress guests, without spending the whole evening in the kitchen, with steaming bowls of this light dish

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The healthy twist

Fish and chips is about as classic a combination as they come. Try this alternative made with a nacho topping

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The winter warmer

Pack in the flavour and up the veg content with our twist on classic mashed potato with pan-fried haddock

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The midweek supper

Give a simple meal a spicy upgrade with our recipe for healthy, herb-rich Thai-style broth with tender cod

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