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Books and plant pots on ladder shelving




Photography: Jonathan West/Pure

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Step up your storage with ladder shelves

A great choice for smaller spaces, versatile ladder shelves are the perfect blend of style and practicality

Good storage can transform a clutter-strewn home into a serene, relaxing space – but finding a design that’s right for your room isn’t always easy. Ladder shelving is a practical and stylish solution. Designed to lean against a wall, it’s a streamlined option for smaller interiors or awkward corners such as alcoves, and the open shelves give a light, minimal look that won’t obscure your decor. Use it to display books and favourite objects in your living area, as a pared-back dining-room dresser, or to keep your study super-organised.
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“Ladder shelves have a SLIMLINE look
but offer plenty of space for larger items,
from files to coffee-table books”