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When to Buy Nursing &
Maternity Bras Guide

If you’re newly pregnant, we know the world of maternity
bras can seem a little daunting. But with our handy guide,
we’ll help you find a bra that makes you feel confident,
comfortable and supported at each stage of your
pregnancy and beyond.

Bras for every stage of your pregnancy

Maternity bra

TOP TIP: We recommend you stop wearing wired bras, as the wires can dig into sensitive breast tissue and potentially trap milk ducts

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Maternity bra

TOP TIP: You may also want to start wearing a soft sleeping bra at night to keep you comfortable and supported while you sleep

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Maternity bra

TOP TIP: By this stage, the average pregnant woman is two underbands and four cup sizes bigger than her normal bra size

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Maternity bra

TOP TIP: All M&S nursing bras have easy-to-use drop-down cups to make it easier to breastfeed

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More helpful hints for during your pregnancy

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Ensure you are all set for the birth of your baby
by taking a look at our checklist.