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Mattress buying guide

Mattress buying guide

We know how important it is to find the right mattress – after all, we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping on them. Our guide will show you what to look for in a mattress, so you can feel confident choosing one that will help you enjoy a perfect night’s sleep, every night.

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What to look for

There are two important components to consider when choosing a new mattress:

Support: this comes from the springs inside the mattress, which should shape to the contours of your body and distribute your weight evenly

Comfort: this comes from the mattress filling, any padding on top, and the mattress topper, if you choose to add one


Open-Coil Mattresses

We use only the finest wire in these mattresses to create a strong, durable and supportive interior. All our mattresses are anti-allergenic, making them perfect for allergy sufferers.

✔ Anti-allergenic

From £129

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Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Hundreds of individually pocketed springs are sewn together to make these luxurious mattresses. This allows each spring to move independently, and the mattress to shape to your body.

✔ Anti-allergenic

From £349


Memory Foam Mattresses

The revolutionary foam in these mattresses softens with your body heat and moulds to your body, reducing pressure on the parts of your body that take the most weight. All our memory foam mattresses come with soft Coolmax covers to help regulate body temperature.

✔ Anti-allergenic

From £399

Mattress fillings, Toppings & Finishes



• Luxury white fibre: a dust-free, soft filling

• Cotton blend: a combination of cotton and luxury fibres to create a soft and resilient layer

• Lambswool: cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this breathable, naturally resilient fibre helps to regulate body temperature

• Mohair: the ultimate in resilience, mohair adds a luxuriously soft layer

• Merino wool: adds a sumptuous feel

• White horsehair: helps provide luxurious softness and optimum support

• Cashmere: adds softness and an unparalleled feeling of luxury

• Resilient foam: for a soft yet supportive feel

• Memory foam: originally developed by Nasa, this man-made material softens with heat and moulds to your shape

• Latex: a natural filling sourced from rubber trees, latex is extremely durable and has anti-microbial properties



• Coolmax: this special stretch-knit cover is used on our memory foam mattresses to help regulate body temperature, and adds a soft, luxurious feel

• Pillowtop: a soft layer of luxurious fillings that adds support, making your mattress even more cosy and comfortable


Finishes & Techniques

• Anti-allergy protection: all our mattresses – except for cot-bed mattresses – have been treated to safeguard against dust mite allergies

• Acti-pro: a treatment applied to give the mattress anti-allergy, anti-bacterial and anti-odour properties

• Hand side stitching: highly trained craftsmen hand-stitch the side panel of the mattress cover to the fillings, ensuring support, even distribution and full comfort right to the edges

• Hand teasing: this traditional craft of gently layering natural fibres onto the mattress base by hand ensures an even distribution of fillings and adds a sumptuous feel to the mattress

• Hand tufting: individual felt or wool tufts are sewn by hand to ensure that fillings remain in place


Mattress buying tips



More springs mean a higher-quality mattress. Double-spring layers allow the top layer to shape to the body’s contours, while the bottom layer absorbs weight distribution for ultimate comfort and support.



Mattress enhancers add a layer of ultra-soft indulgence that gently cushions pressure points to encourage a deeper sleep, while protectors keep your mattress clean and fresh, prolonging its life.


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Many of our mattresses are turnable – if you choose one, we recommend turning it every month. This will help prolong the life of your mattress by distributing your weight evenly. Memory foam or pillow top mattresses should not be turned.



Our mattress manufacturer was the first bed company to be awarded the Guild Mark, a distinction granted only to manufacturers that meet the highest standards of design, workmanship, materials and functions.