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    Thymiopoulos Malagousia - Case of 6

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    • Year:2016
    • Country of Origin:Greece
    • Region:Thiva
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    Thymiopoulos Malagousia - Case of 6

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    Drink it on its own or try it with wild Atlantic Scallops, M&S Lochmuir salmon salmon en croute or a chicken couscous salad

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      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

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      Press reviews

      Press reviews

      Here's what the press are saying about Thymiopoulos Malagousia - Case of 6

      ""Here we have a Greek white made from the malagouzia grape variety that is just delicious, with generously textured pear and melon fruit, combining richness with freshness. Try it with the baked cod.""

      Jamie Goode - The Sunday Express

      11th January 2015

      "The gloriously named Apostolos Thymiopoulos is one of the current generation of young, go-getting Greek winemakers who are moving mountains. This white makes a terrific new food-friendly white for the festive table. Its exotic, spicy fruit, stylishly integrated with woodsmoke, resin, basil and wild thyme scents and flavours, is truly reminiscent of the hot, dusty vineyards it comes from"

      Jane MacQuitty - The Times

      7th December 2013

      "Best Buy: The most adventurous of the supermarkets these days, M&S has been exploring eastern fringes of the Med to great effect. This dry Greek white, mixes a gewürztraminer - like perfume of rosewater and orange blossom, to produce an exotic reminiscent of Alsace"

      David Williams - Observer Food Monthly

      8th December 2013

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