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Photography: Jörgen Ahlström

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Becky Sunshine

M& food, wine and flowers editor


A pale runny honey adds a delicious sweet note to summer recipes, says M& food, wine and flowers editor Becky Sunshine

As part of our Limited Edition range of UK-made honey – which includes British Spring Honey from Shropshire and Wiltshire, and Scottish Heather Honey gathered from the spring flowers in the purple moorlands of Perthshire – I particularly love this Borage Honey from eastern England. A classic runny honey with a delicate herbal flavour, it tastes delicious on toast, over cereal or with yoghurt; you can even add it to marinades – great for the barbecue season.
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“DRIZZLE this Borage Honey
on crusty fresh bread or over cheese
for a summery sweet note”