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Chris Baber’s British bacon, pea and cheddar cheesy pasta




Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Discover Chris Baber’s flavour-packed recipe ideas, which use high-quality Remarksable Value ingredients

From 100% British, 100% traceable beef to responsibly sourced salmon and always free-range eggs, all our Remarksable Value products are high quality, perfect for family meals and available at a price you’ll love. Want to transform your mid-week meals for good without breaking the bank? Chef Chris Baber is on hand with a selection of delicious please-all recipes that star our Remarksable value ingredients. My favourites: I love Chris’s super-comforting cheesy melting-middle meatballs with broccoli mash, £2 per serving, and his British twist on an Italian carbonara, just £1.63 per serving, featuring British bacon, British garden peas and expertly graded cheddar – YUM!
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“Serve Chris’s EASY-PEASY pasta
with garlic bread and salad for
the ultimate family feast