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3 ways to wear
The navy blazer

The tailored jacket doesn’t just work as part of a suit – here are three new styling options to give your beloved blazer life beyond the office


1. Corporate meets cropped denim

Whether it’s dress-down Friday or a coffee date with friends, we love the contrast of sleek tailoring against casual denim. The key to double denim is varying the shades – these three blue hues compliment each other beautifully, while a pillar-box red bag and mustard shoes provide eye-catching pops of colour.

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“We love the contrast of SLEEK tailoring against casual denim”


2. Bold bottoms mean business

Forget blending into the background – the blazer goes bold with this cool, confident look. Rather than suit trousers, opt for a stylish silhouette via a pair of culottes, which look sharp teamed with a flowing shirt. Grab a scarlet tote and sturdy leather trainers for a fuss-free look, perfect for a busy day.

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“The blazer goes BOLD with this cool, confident look”


3. Office meets statement style

The ultimate “I wish I’d thought of that” outfit – a blazer over a cashmere knit looks fashion-forward, while the addition of a statement skirt adds real style points. Pop on a pair of flats, highlighting the red accents in the skirt, and you’ve got yourself an outfit that will gather compliments wherever you go.

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“An outfit that will gather COMPLIMENTS wherever you go”


Editor: Sophie Hines / Creative director: Nicola Rose / Stylist: Louise Carmel Hall / Hair stylist: Ben Cooke
Make-up artist: Kim Jacob / Model: Nadia Araujo at Select Model

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