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YOUR 2018

From simple tips on fighting food cravings to a guide to the new range of lighter options in stores this January, our in-house nutritionist Helen Seward helps you to eat more healthily


Health is the word for 2018

From taking an active interest in your health, whole grains and personalised eating plans to tracking your every move with new health tech launches, this year health is going to be bigger and more holistic than ever before.


“A few years ago, health used to be a topic reserved just for January or solely for anyone on a weight loss mission. But now most of us are talking about health, and it’s so much more than just weight – it’s the whole picture: food, the planet, your lifestyle and levels of activity.

“Helping our customers to make healthy eating easier is our M&S mission and we’ve been expanding Eat Well, the logo linked to easy healthy choices, across the store so you can now choose from more healthy dishes than ever before. We’ve also improved our vegetarian and vegan options (I recommend you try our new marinated tofu or chilli and coriander soy chunks) and gluten-free choices – especially for quick food on the go, like our new Made Without Wheat egg and watercress sandwich.

“The discourse around eating has been a lot about elimination diets in the past, such as removing carbohydrates or dairy, but the ideas around health now are much more about including more of the good stuff each day. It’s less about no carbohydrates and more about choosing healthier carbs.

Similarly, rather than cutting out dairy some people are moving to less dairy, or enjoying fermented, enriched alternatives like kefir.

“Cow’s milk is a really good source of protein, calcium (in the most absorbable form), potassium and iodine, and although cow’s milk has a reputation for being high in fat, the type of fats in milk have actually been associated with cardio-protective effects. So if you’re choosing an alternative, choose one that’s enriched to avoid missing out on these nutrients. We have an ever-growing milk alternatives range, from the everyday soya and coconut drinks to rice drink and coconut yoghurts.

“Carbs are key and excluding these completely can never be healthy, as it unbalances the important mix of food groups our bodies need to stay healthy. Rather than no carbs, choose healthier, wholegrain carbs and perhaps fewer of them. We’ve been on a mission to make whole grains delicious: you’ll spot wholesome grains across the store in everything from meals and salads to snack bars and ready-to-eat pouches.”


Quick breakfasts: Running out of time in the mornings? Our apricot and peach overnight oats bar is perfect for a healthy breakfast on the go.
Enjoy a treat: Allowing yourself a sweet treat now and again could help you stick to your health goals. Try our matcha and white chocolate bar.
Calories are key: Sticking to your recommended calorie intake each day will help manage your intake of fats, saturated fats, sugar and salt.
Got a burning question on health or nutrition? Ask our in-house expert Helen by sending her an email (
King of veg: Try our nutrient-packed edamame and pea stir fry bag, or snack on hummus with raw vegetables to reach your five-a-day.
Swap your alcohol: Try our Sumika range of lower-alcohol wines – they contain 30 per cent fewer calories (less than 66 calories per glass).

Editor: Emma Sleight


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