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We asked the M&S Food team to share their inspirational healthy eating tips for 2020

Emma Sleight, Food editor
in chief

“I’m not the best at eating breakfast and too often fall into the trap of turning to sugary mid-morning snacks between meetings to keep me going. This year I want that to change and I’m planning to start my days in a way that’s as delicious as it is nourishing. A steaming bowl of porridge will be just the ticket. I Iove it made with our high-fibre porridge oats, which are hearty and filling, and dairy-free Plant Kitchen oat milk, which makes the porridge really creamy. I’ll make a quick blueberry compote to spoon over, plus toasted chopped pistachios for colour and crunch, and just a little drizzle of maple syrup as, let’s face it, my sweet tooth is not going anywhere in 2020.”

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April Preston, head of food product development

“What I’ll be eating more of this year is vegetables. I tend to avoid refined carbs anyway and focus on veg and lean protein, but I want to take it up a notch in 2020. Our new layered veg and salad pots are perfect. They’re packed full of fibre and can be eaten on their own as full meals or with added protein. Colourful, fresh and vibrant, they pack in some seriously bold, zingy flavours and complex textures. My favourite is the greens and grains one – with mixed grains, fresh pea and courgette salad, and a delicious honey and cider vinegar dressing.”

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Chris Baber, M&S chef

“I’m really keen to reduce my food waste this year, but that won’t mean missing out on eating delicious dishes. In fact, it’s an excuse to get more creative in the kitchen, reinventing leftovers and making ingredients go further. If I’ve got some extra roast chicken left, I’ll cook the bones up into a tasty stock – I always add Cook With M&S magic sprinkles to mine for extra flavour. Any veggies left lurking in the fridge can be simmered into a hearty broth and brought back to life with fresh herbs, and I’ll stir the cooked roast chicken through, adding a handful of pearl barley to bulk it up. Who’d have thought a fridge full of leftovers could be so delicious?”

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Heather Taylor, Food editor

“Looking after digestive health is a trend that’s been around for a while, but this year I’m planning to give it a proper go and embrace kombucha, kefir and kimchi with gusto. Along with wholegrain breads and pulses containing fibre, fermented foods are said to have gut-friendly benefits, as they feed the ‘good’ bacteria in your gut. There are lots of new choices at M&S for 2020 that are good for digestion, but my favourite is our deliciously creamy mango and passion fruit kefir yoghurt. I love it with fresh kiwi and mango and homemade granola, which I whip up by toasting nuts and seeds with a little maple syrup and coconut oil until it’s all golden and toasty.”

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Editor: Heather Taylor / Images: Issy Croker / Food styling: Jack Sargeson / Prop styling: Susie Clegg
Art direction: Helen Richardson

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