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Beauty masterclass


Beauty masterclass


Burned skin and damaged hair are holiday souvenirs we could do without. Get sun smart in a flash with these six golden rules to choosing your perfect sunscreen


Shady lady

Sunscreen is only half the story – remember to seek shade during the hottest part of the day (11am-3pm) and wear lightweight cover-ups and sunglasses with UV protection

1 Newsflash: most people don’t apply enough sunscreen to get the level of protection promised. Adults need two to three tablespoons of sunscreen to cover their body, meaning one 200ml bottle gives around six full-body applications. Remember your toes, ears, your back and along the edge of swimwear. Can’t reach? Sun Smart Moisture Mist SPF30 works at all angles – even upside down.

2 Sunbathing may be one of the biggest health and beauty sins – but if you’re still going to do it, do it wisely. Ultrasun’s new Tan Activator SPF30 (choose from face or body versions) is packed with sunscreen wizardry – it gives high-level protection yet speeds up tanning time by 40 per cent over 10 days. Decoded: you can spend less time in the sun, but still go home with a glow.

3 It’s not just skin that needs protecting – eyes are vulnerable to sun damage as well. The rule? Always have a pair of sunglasses on standby – all ours have lenses with 100 per cent UV protection and look seriously stylish, too.

4 Water bunnies, beware! The period between waiting for your skin to dry off after swimming and re-applying your sunscreen is a burning danger point. To the rescue – Sun Smart Active Aerosol Spray SPF50, which can be applied to wet skin.

5 Plagued by dull, dry hair on holiday – or worse, spotted that your dye job’s fading fast? Blame the sun. UV rays can burn locks, so pile them into a hat or try a conditioning spray with UV filters like Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence. For bonus points, it also detangles – consider your holiday hair dramas, sorted.

6 For day to day summer sun exposure, don’t think a foundation with SPF is enough – your skin won’t get the right level of protection. Save face by wearing a UV primer – Emma Hardie Protect & Primer Cream SPF30 is non-greasy so sits brilliantly under make-up. Like all sunscreen, you need to keep reapplying face protection throughout the day – top up with Pixi Sun Mist SPF30, which you can spray over make-up and don’t have to rub in.


Photographer: Chris Craymer / Stylist: Chloe Forde / Hair stylist: Ben Cooke / Make-up artist: Silver Bramham / Model: Michelle Buswell / Beauty editor: Emma Robertson

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