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Expert haircare tips


We spoke to top hairdresser Paul Percival, one half of the duo behind the Percy & Reed haircare range, to get his tips for beautiful, healthy-looking hair


Cut down washing
“I don’t recommend washing your hair daily – once every two to three days is optimum,” suggests Paul. “If you’re trying to lengthen the time between washes, use dry shampoo while your hair gets used to the change.”

Switch up for summer
“In the sun, hair becomes drier than normal, so swap your normal conditioner for an intense hydrating treatment several times a week.”

Try an overnighter
“If you have dry skin, you invest in a good-quality moisturiser, so treat your hair the same. An overnight mask gives an instant dose of moisture. Try using the Percy & Reed I Need A Hero! Wonder Overnight Recovery Mask, which absorbs instantly and works overnight to breathe new life into damaged, dry hair. Simply shampoo out in the morning – no conditioner needed!”

Avoid conditioning mistakes
“Many people don’t rinse out conditioner properly – take a little longer when rinsing to avoid build-up. To apply, start from the bottom, working the product into the ends of your hair and using sparingly at the roots.”

Target your hair type
“Choosing the best products for your hair type can work wonders. If you’re looking for a range with a host of benefits, Percy & Reed I Need A Hero! Wonder collection offers colour protection, moisture balancing and reconditioning to get stronger, healthier and shinier locks. However, if you have a primary concern, such as more volume or hydration, choose a tailored range to achieve the best results.”

Embrace styling products
“A good oil is a must. It needs to be lightweight and non-greasy, especially if you have fine hair. Use one to two pumps into towel-dried hair from roots to tips to build body, provide hold, and improve resistance to humidity.

“Secondly, I love a mousse. Modern formulations have moved on from the crunchy Nineties stereotype, and give hair lasting volume. Dispense a golf-ball-size amount into your palms, rub together and ‘pull’ the mousse all the way through towel-dried hair from roots to tips with fingers or a comb.

“Lastly, a good hairspray is key to lock in any style. Use a flexible formula that’s non-sticky to smooth down frizz and make sure your style lasts even longer.”


Words: Sophie Hines