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FAQ’s - Made to Measure Shirts Service Closure


  • M&S is reviewing product services to ensure the focus is aligned to our latest customer strategy. For the time being, it has been decided to close the service to focus on the main product offer in our Men's shirt category. We do not rule out the possibility of re-instating the service at some point in the future.

  • Your shirt will be made and sent to you within the order window you were given. For any queries please contact M&S Customer Services on 0333 014 8000.

  • Please contact M&S Customer Services who will resolve the issue for you.
    Contact M&S Customer Services on 0333 014 8000.

  • You should have received an email asking if your shirt fit, please respond to this email and a second shirt will be sent. You do NOT need to return the first shirt.

  • M&S and its supplier will delete this personal data in accordance with our retention schedules and legal requirements.

  • We offer a large range of shirts both instore and online. M&S has four fits in our main range from skinny, slim, tailored and regular. We also have an offer of shorter and longer length shirts. These are 2” longer or shorter than standard shirt, both in the sleeve and body.

    Alternatively, you can "re-register" on the supplier’s direct service using the below link. This will require you to completely re-enter all your details including size measurements. No M&S products will be available through this service.

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