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Supporting British farmers

We’re proud to work with 10,000 farmers across the UK. And now, more than ever, supporting them matters. Meet just a few of the M&S Select Farmers helping to bring you delicious M&S food, and be inspired with our recipe ideas and tips

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Delicious British lamb

All of our fresh lamb, from roasting joints to mince and chops, is now 100% British, and we only work with M&S Select Farmers who share our high animal welfare and environmental standards. That means when you’re tucking into a Sunday roast or some tasty chops, you know the lamb is the M&S quality you can trust.

Need some inspiration for cooking our delicious, tender British lamb during summer? Try these light and fresh ideas:

  • Roast a leg of lamb, then serve with steamed Jersey Royal new potatoes and a summery salsa verde made with finely chopped capers, herbs and lemon juice.
  • Use lamb mince to make meatballs, and serve simmered in a spicy tomato sauce with pitta breads or rice.
  • Transform leftover roast lamb into a salad by tossing through cous cous (or any cooked grain) with pomegranate seeds, fresh mint and crumbled feta. Dress with a squeeze of lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil.

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A taste of summer: Red Diamond strawberries

We think our juicy and oh-so-sweet Red Diamond strawberries, grown just for M&S, are the best you’ll ever taste. They’re left on the plant for longer, so they can develop a deliciously fragrant flavour, and our growers hand-select the best berries just for M&S.

Find out more about what makes our Red Diamond strawberries taste so good with this week’s Fresh Market Update, filmed with ITV weather’s Lucy Verasamy before social distancing at Mockbeggar Farm, Kent.

Then be inspired with our irresistible recipe ideas below.

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All about our Red Diamond strawberries

Strawberries in a bowl

Picked just for M&S

Pickers at Mockbeggar Farm select only the biggest, juiciest and best Red Diamond strawberries for M&S. “They’re easily the best we’ve ever grown,” says farmer John Myatt

The ultimate summer sundae

Layer up ice cream, crushed shortbread biscuits and Red Diamond strawberries in Chris Baber’s irresistible recipe

Make it now

The brilliant strawberry-packed brekkie

Prep Chris Baber’s strawberry and almond overnight oats the day before, then top with fresh strawberries for a delicious breakfast in a flash

See the recipe

The cream of the crop

Farmer John Myatt encourages biodiversity at his farm in Kent – there are even ‘bee hotels’ to attract natural pollinators. The county’s long sunshine hours also help the strawberries taste super-sweet

Strawberries and cream

Tomatoes on the vine

Tasty Isle of Wight tomatoes

The extra hours of sunshine enjoyed on the Isle of Wight help the tomatoes we grow there taste super sweet – it’s even been nicknamed the sunshine isle.

We work with M&S Select Farmers like Brian Moralee, who grows a variety of sweet and juicy tomatoes for M&S at his farm on the Isle of Wight. For a true taste of the season, look out for his summer selection pack in store. The tomatoes come in an array of colours and flavours and are positively bursting with flavour.

Want to find out more about why our tomatoes taste so good? Watch our Fresh Market Update film, with ITV Weather’s Lucy Verasamy, filmed at Brian’s farm before social distancing.

Feeling hungry? Discover delicious recipe ideas from chef Chris Baber.

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More tomato ideas

All about our Isle of Wight tomatoes

 Summer selection tomato mix

When the time is ripe

Brian’s team harvest their tomatoes at first light to keep them fresher for longer, and the growing system they use is entirely biodegradable

Try a fresh idea with fish

Chris Baber’s pan-fried sea bass with tomato, mango and lime salsa is the ultimate laidback summer dinner

Try it now

Tomato, basil and feta salad

Serve up a summery tomato salad

Combine the best-tasting tomatoes with basil and feta in Chris Baber’s deliciously simple summer side

Sunshine on a plate

The Isle of Wight enjoys long hours of sunshine, meaning tomatoes grown there taste juicy, sweet and oh-so-good

Cherry tomatoes

The sweetest Sapphire raspberries

Every pack of Sapphire raspberries in every M&S Food store is British, and we think they’re the best raspberries you’ll ever taste. Super-sized, sweet and jammy, they taste of pure British summer. Better yet, when you enjoy them, you’re supporting M&S Select Farmers like Harry Hall, who grows them just for M&S at his Surrey farm, during these challenging times.

Watch our Fresh Market Update, filmed before social distancing at Harry’s family farm, to find out more. With a little help from ITV Weather’s Lucy Verasamy, we’re discovering the lengths M&S Select Farmers go to so you can enjoy the sweetest, tastiest Sapphire raspberries ever all summer. Read more, and try chef Chris Baber’s irresistible recipe ideas, below.

Watch the video

Harry Hall and Lucy Verasamy in a raspberry farm

All about our Sapphire raspberries

A raspberry picker on Tuesley Farm

Only the berry best

M&S Select Farmer Harry Hall started with just 10 precious Sapphire raspberry plants at his family’s Tuesley Farm in Surrey, and now there are two million. “I think they’re the best raspberries in the world,” he says

Try an easy homemade fro-yo

With just three ingredients, Chris Baber’s frozen yoghurt couldn’t be simpler – but thanks to our Sapphire raspberries, it tastes amazing

Make it now

Whip up a classic summer pud

Create a delicious treat by stirring our Sapphire raspberries through whipped cream with meringue pieces in Chris Baber’s easy recipe: the ultimate fuss-free seasonal dessert to make at home

See the recipe

The birds and the bees

Honey bees and bumble-bees are the natural pollinators that help Harry’s raspberries grow, so he plants wild flowers and keeps beehives to encourage them to visit

Harry Hall with fresh raspberries on his farm

A boat on a Scottish loch fishing for salmon

Responsibly sourced salmon

All M&S fish is always responsibly sourced, and 100% of our farmed salmon is Scottish. That means when you tuck into flaky, succulent salmon, you’re supporting M&S Select Farmers during these challenging times.

Want to know more? We travelled to beautiful Loch Linnhe, on the west coast of Scotland, to meet Andrew MacLeannan, who’s been supplying us with delicious Scottish salmon since 2006. “In my opinion, it’s the best-tasting salmon there is,” he says.

Watch our Fresh Market Update film, with ITV’s Lucy Verasamy (filmed before social distancing), to find out more, and be inspired by Chris Baber’s recipe ideas below.

Watch the video

All about M&S Scottish salmon

Scottish salmon farm employees at work on a loch

Responsibly sourced

Our Scottish salmon are special because of the environment they live in – it has clean waters and a strong current for them to swim against, which helps the fish to grow big and strong

Cook up some sticky soy salmon

Chris Baber’s soy salmon recipe ticks all the boxes: sticky, a little bit spicy, speedy and packed with flavour

Give it a go

Chris Baber’s salmon pasta

Try this easy pasta dish, which combines our tender Scottish salmon with lemon, peas and a little red chilli, plus fennel seeds for a fragrant kick

See the recipe

Space to swim

On average, M&S Select Farmer Andrew MacLeannan’s salmon can swim up to 4,000km in their lifetime. “Welfare is our highest priority,” he says. “And that’s what’s great about working with M&S – its values match ours”

Fish farm cages from Shuna Island

M&S Select Farms pork

Our fresh pork is always 100% British, and we only work with M&S Select Farmers who share our high animal welfare and environmental standards.

To find out more, we visited Haughton Warren Farm in Nottinghamshire, with ITV Weather's Lucy Verasamy and chef Chris Baber, to discover just what it takes to get the M&S Select Farms seal of approval.

Watch the video

Chris Baber and Lucy Versamy's Fresh Market Update on an M&S Select Farmer for pork in Nottinghamshire

All about our British pork

M&S sheep farm

The M&S Select Farms quality seal

“Only the very best farms can be called M&S Select Farms,” explains M&S agricultural manager Tom Slay

Try a tasty Thai stir-fry

Our succulent pork shoulder is perfect in this fragrant recipe. Using store-cupboard shortcuts and fresh veg, it’s quick to make

See the recipe

A delicious summer recipe

This smoky, spicy barbecue pork loin with a crunchy apple slaw, from chef Chris Baber, will give your midweek menu a boost

See the recipe

Our high standards

Because we only work with M&S Select Farmers, you can trust that they share our high welfare and environmental standards

Sheep in a field

A video of M&S Select Farmer Henry Ryle's farm in Northumberland

Meet our beef farmer

M&S beef is always 100% British. And because we only work with trusted M&S Select Farmers, we can trace all our beef – whether it’s a sirloin steak or the mince in a prepared lasagne – back to the farm and animal it came from.

Want to find out more? With a little help from ITV Weather’s Lucy Verasamy, we met with Henry Ryle, a third-generation M&S Select Farmer in Northumberland who supplies some of our delicious beef. Like the 5,100 British beef farmers we work with, he’s passionate about meeting our high-quality animal welfare, environmental and traceability standards. We know that, at times like these, those standards are even more important. Watch the video – filmed before lockdown – to find out more.

Watch the video

Try the recipe

All about our M&S Select Farms British beef

Cows in an M&S Select Farms field

M&S Select Farms standards

“We’re proud to be an M&S Select Farm,” says third-generation beef farmer Henry Ryle. “It’s really important for M&S to know exactly which animals its beef comes from”

Our priorities

“Welfare is our highest priority,” says M&S Select Farmer Henry. “From the environment the cattle live in to their food and the fields they graze on, M&S’s standards are high, so our standards have to be high”

A black cow in the fields of one of our M&S Select Farms
Cooked steak on a chopping board

Top tip

“To cook your steak perfectly, let it come to room temperature first,” says chef Chris Baber. “Rub with olive oil, add to a hot pan and cook to your liking, then be sure to rest it for as long as you’ve cooked it”

The sizzling steak sarnie

There’s no better way to enjoy our 21-day-aged British sirloin steak than in this delicious steak sandwich recipe, by chef Chris Baber. It’s served with a fiery chimichurri dressing, for an extra kick

See the recipe

Where does our beef come from?

We’re proud to support more than 5,100 British beef farmers, and our pioneering traceability scheme allows us to trace all our beef back to the farm and animal it came from.

Explore our interactive map of the UK to see where the farms are located, and to find out more about the passionate people working tirelessly to keep M&S customers fed during these challenging times.

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Strawberry farmer Will Overoode

Brilliant British strawberries

Every pack of M&S strawberries in every M&S Food store is now 100% British.

They're super sweet and juicy, plus, enjoying them helps support our fantastic farmers across the UK.

This year, we were the first retailer to switch to selling 100% British strawberries, grown by M&S Select Farmers like Will Overoode. He’s working hard to deliver irresistible strawberries straight from his east Yorkshire farm to M&S – so you can tuck into this quintessential summer treat.

Watch the video for a peek inside Will’s farm, and pick up a pack when you’re next shopping for essentials in store.

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Amazing homegrown asparagus

Our asparagus is now 100% British, so tucking into these best-in-season, sweet and tender spears helps to support M&S Select Farmers like Chris Chinn. We’ve been working with Chris and his family for more than 20 years, to bring you asparagus fresh from the Wye Valley and straight to M&S.

Chris uses pioneering methods at his Herefordshire farm, including cold-resistant polytunnels, to help the first green shoots of asparagus appear sooner for you to enjoy.

See for yourself with the video filmed by Chris at his farm – and find delicious Wye Valley asparagus in store when you’re next shopping for your essentials.

Watch the video


A board with freshly cut strawberries

Make strawberries shine

Give a ready-made vanilla cheesecake a fruity twist by topping it with sliced strawberries and a coulis made by simmering fresh strawberries with a little sugar

More ideas

A colander filled with Jersey Royals

Give Jerseys a royal welcome

Grown exclusively on the island of Jersey, our Jersey Royals make the perfect side dish. Steam until tender, dress with herbs and serve with your favourite fish

Inspiration this way

Purple asparagus in a dish

Get cooking asparagus

Simply blanch then serve topped with fresh mint or basil leaves, breadcrumbs fried in olive oil or butter with a pinch of dried chilli flakes, plus a squeeze of lemon juice

See more recipes

Milk poured into glasses

The M&S Milk Pledge

100% of our M&S Select Farms milk is RSPCA Assured, and we pay our farmers a fair price thanks to the M&S Milk Pledge. Created 20 years ago, it’s a commitment from us that we’ll always pay our farmers a price that reflects the cost of production.

All the milk you buy in M&S comes from British farmers who belong to the M&S Milk Pool, a group of trusted dairy farmers who share our RSPCA-accredited welfare and environmental standards.

That means that when you pour the milk for your morning cuppa or stir some into the kids’ porridge, you can trust it came from farmers who share our M&S Food values – and you’re helping to support them during these hard times.

Always free-range eggs

In 2002, M&S became the first UK retailer to use only free-range eggs across its entire food business – and we still do, including in our cakes, quiches and salads.

We also provide a range of speciality eggs, including those with enriched omega-3, plus golden-yolked Maran Island brown, duck and quail eggs. Cracking!

Basket of eggs

Food inspiration

Chef Chris Baber

Chris Baber’s recipes

Looking for kitchen inspiration? Chef Chris Baber's family recipes are here to help

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Glasses of fruit and vegetable juice

Time for a health kick

Hit the health hub for nutrition tips and advice on vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets

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Food inspiration

All the latest from our Foodhalls, plus recipe ideas and handy kitchen tips

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