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Celebrate sourdough September

Our new handcrafted sourdough is made through a traditional 30-hour process, for a rich, complex flavour and perfect dark crust. Try these easy topping ideas in honour of sourdough September

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We don’t add anything artificial to our handcrafted sourdough – new to our in-store bakery this month – so it takes time for the dough to develop its unique flavour and moreish texture. Each one takes 30 hours to make. It’s worth the wait: made with a combination of rye and wheat flours, the sourdough has a deliciously intense flavour with a slight tang and crunchy, dark crust, and characteristic little holes in the dough.

Better yet, these artisan loaves are a bigger size, so they’re perfect for weekend family breakfasts or dinner parties. Any left over can be popped in the freezer or toasted.

It’s delicious simply spread with our Cornish gold butter, but a slice is also a great canvas for all sorts of tasty topping ideas – try three of our favourites below.

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How to top your sourdough

Spread toasted sourdough with ricotta cheese and top with our honeycomb (or a drizzle of your favourite honey), halved late-summer cherries and a sprinkling of black pepper.

Roughly tear some mozzarella then pile on top of toasted sourdough with cherry tomatoes that have been slow-roasted until blistered. Finish with some fresh rocket and a spoonful of our Cook With M&S tomato, red pepper and chilli drizzle.

Spread toasted sourdough with soft goat’s cheese. Top with thinly sliced watermelon radishes (or use ordinary radises), microherbs and a glug of extra virgin olive oil.

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