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    Mineralstein Riesling - Case of 6

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    • Year:2015
    • Country of Origin:Germany
    • Grape Variety:Riesling
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    Mineralstein Riesling - Case of 6

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    This wine is the perfect aperitif, and also makes a good partner with seafood especially smoked fish and sushi. Ideal serving temperature 8°C

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      You must be 18 or over to buy this item.

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      Press reviews

      Press reviews

      Here's what the press are saying about Mineralstein Riesling - Case of 6

      "“This modern and minerally, Riesling goes well with seafood, especially smoked fish and sushi.”"

      Harriet Arkel - Daily Mail

      28th July 2015

      "“It’s funny how the name of a wine can influence you. The word ‘mineral’ conjures up stark coolness and strength, and that’s exactly what differentiates this riesling. It is the slatey freshness in this stunning wine which makes it so captivating.”"

      Matthew Jukes - Daily Mail

      6th June 2015

      ""Rieslings, and in particular the delicate German ones, do wonders for a palate jaded by the excesses of Christmas and New Year. This is a blend of two regions, Mosel and Pfalz, and strikes a lovely balance between the pretty delicacy of the former and the riper notes of the latter. Serve well chilled as an aperitif.""

      David Williams - The Observer

      19th July 2015

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