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Jumpers that’ll stay looking new all year, trousers with adjustable hems in case of growth spurts and pinafores with permanent pleats – we’ve got cold-weather school uniform sorted

Clever ideas to keep kids warm in the classroom and playground

Pack away lightweight gingham dresses and short-sleeved tops and swap in pinafores, skirts, trousers and long-sleeved shirts during the winter. Jumpers and cardigans are an essential extra winter layer and thermals and tights will add warmth during the coldest months of the school year. Permanent pleats ensure that skirts and pinafores will look smart all term while stain and weatherproof fabrics repel water and spills to reduce the need for washing. Top off her outfit with an insulating-yet-lightweight padded coat.

Shop girls’ coats Shop girls’ school uniform


Grey girls’ pleated school pinafore
With permanent-pleat tech
From £10
Navy girls’ school cardigan
Five colours with a StayNew finish
From £9
Three white girls’ long-sleeved school shirts
Easy iron to save time
From £10 for 3
Two-pack girls’ Body Sensor grey tights. Shop now
Choose thick tights for chillier days
From £10 for 3

Winter uniform winners: long-sleeved shirts, jumpers and trousers

In the colder months, school uniform must work hard, keeping kids feeling comfortable whether they’re in a draughty hall or an overheated classroom and ensure they stay warm and dry when they’re outside. Layering is key: for boys, long-sleeved shirts and trousers replace their shorter summer counterparts, while jumpers and thermal vests provide versatile warmth. Clever tech will keep clothes looking smart longer and save you time: our jumpers have StayNew tech to reduce bobbling and colour loss while easy-iron and non-iron finishes mean less time ironing.

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Two V-neck red school jumpers. Shop now
Unisex jumpers in eight colours 
From £11 for 2
Two slim-leg grey boys school trousers. Shop now
With an adjustable waist and hem
From £11 for 2
Two long-sleeved white boys’ school shirts. Shop now 
Non-iron and stain resistant
From £9 for 2
Two-pack unisex black kids’ joggers. Shop now
Joggers are great for winter sports
From £14 for 2

Words: Miranda Eason and Dulcie Emerson

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