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A rhubarb and custard ice-cream sundae topped with cherries and sprinkles




Photographer: Issy Croker

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Deputy food editor


Serve up an indulgent summer dessert with an extra scoop of childhood nostalgia

As a kid, I can’t remember a better feeling than digging into a sundae, with those extra-long spoons ready to scoop through never-ending layers of chocolate sauce and ice-cream. Inspired by our new West Country clotted cream ice-creams, I’m on a mission to revive my favourite retro dessert this summer. Available in store, the range comes in three flavours: raspberry pavlova, Timperley rhubarb and custard, and chocolate fudge. Layer in a sundae glass with our ready-made raspberry coulis and whipped cream, then top with chocolate-dipped cherries, wafers dipped in white chocolate and Jazzy sprinkles. For an extra-indulgent finish, add a drizzle of our toffee dessert sauce.
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“Layers of SMOOTH ice-cream and
indulgent toppings: the sundae deserves
to make a comeback”