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Our denim range just got a whole lot bigger – here’s our guide to the key new fits and fabrics to look for


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Everyone has their own take on how they like their jeans to fit. For autumn we’ve refined the three classic shapes M&S has always produced – regular, straight and slim – and added two new fits to the range, namely tapered and skinny, so you’re guaranteed to find the right style for you. Our straight fit (, right) is a bonafide wardrobe staple – and super versatile. The tapered fit () is an easy-to-wear style that slims from the knee to give a modern finish at the ankle. And there’s no need to be scared of our skinny style (, left) – far from spray-on, it’s simply designed to give our sleekest look, great for smarter occasions.

“Each of our FIVE
fits has been cut to
exacting standards”


Give your look the selvedge

Selvedge denim is the only fabric choice for real jeans aficionados. See those little banded edges on the jeans’ side seams ()? That’s what to look for – they guard against fraying and curling. And now for the technical bit: selvedge is so revered due to the more artisan way it’s woven – the shuttle loom creates a rich, textured fabric that’s much narrower and, therefore, more expensive to produce. But while some selvedge jeans can cost north of £300, ours are a lot more wallet-friendly and come from the three global homes of selvedge: Japan, the USA and Italy.

styles come in straight
and slim fits


Denim with a techy edge

Getting the right fit and fabric is a must, but we’ve gone one step further and incorporated some clever modern tech. Our travel stretch jeans (, left) are the perfect companion to explore with – developed specially for M&S, the subtle stretch and super-soft fabric will keep you comfortable on planes, trains and automobiles alike. More flexible still are our four-way stretch jeans (, right) which move with you no matter what you’re doing, while our water-resistant Stormwear jeans () will keep any showers you encounter at bay.

“Jeans with built-in
TECH tackle anything
you throw at them”


Photographer: Kal Griffig / Stylist: Richard Pierce / Groomer: Tim Pateman / Models: Boyd at Elite, Mackie at Next / Editor: Ian Wright

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