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Holiday packing tips Standout swimwear


Holiday how-to


Holiday how-to


Show this key holiday purchase a little love and it will stay looking its best all summer long

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Swimsuit care package

Rinse after every swim
Or better yet, wash your cossie properly every time you wear it. How to wash swimwear? The safest option is to cold hand-wash with a gentle detergent. It might seem laborious but chlorine, salt, sunscreen and sweat are not your swimsuit’s friend.

Dry flat in the shade
Direct sunlight fades fabrics and can even affect the elasticity of the swimsuit. Excessive wringing or hanging can also cause your suit to sag, so instead smooth flat on a towel in a shady spot.

Feeling rough?
Contact with textured surfaces such as pebbled pools can snag the fabric of your swimsuit and cause pilling. If you’re on dry land, spread out a towel or sarong before you sit down.

Hot tub time-out machine
Jacuzzis and spas do not bode well for swimwear – the harsh chemicals and high temperatures will cause your cossie to stretch and fade. Pack an older swimsuit to wear in the hot-tub instead.

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