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3 ways to wear
White jeans

White jeans strike fear into the hearts of many, but they don’t have to – styled well, they can become one of the most versatile items in your wardrobe. Here’s how to get it spot on


1. Refresh your on-the-go look

Are blue jeans your morning go-to? Try switching to a white pair to elevate your everyday style with a chic, modern twist. White jeans look great teamed with neutral shades such as black and grey, but you can sling on a jumper in almost any shade and white jeans will make it pop. Finish with a pair of chunky-soled trainers to take you from school run to coffee date in comfort and style.

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“ELEVATE your everyday style with a chic, modern twist”


2. Sharpen up a blouse

Powder blue and crisp white are always a strong pairing, and the clean lines of these jeans make a pleasing contrast to the intricate twisted neckline of the blouse. White delivers a clean palette so you can experiment with bold accessories; we love these showstopper earrings and metallic heels, perfect for a contemporary casual evening look.

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“Start with a CLEAN palette and experiment with bold accessories”


3. Work your winter whites

Thought white jeans were just for summer? Think again. They’re a surprisingly handy addition to your winter attire, helping you look anything but drab when the weather’s grey. A khaki trench and burnt-orange courts look great offset against icy white, or pop on a pair of ankle boots for nippier days.

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“WHITE jeans look anything but drab when the weather’s grey


Editor: Sophie Hines / Creative director: Nicola Rose / Photographer: Daniel Thomas Smith / Stylist: Louise Carmel Hall / Hair stylist: Leigh Keates
Make-up artist: Ninni Nummela / Model: Maud Welzen

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