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Boo-nanas, apple monsters, Marmite® pastry snakes and jack-o’-lantern houmous pots




Photographer: Kris Kirkham

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Olivia Ferguson

Deputy food editor


Serve up a fright-night feast for your little ones that’s packed full of flavour, fun, fruit and vibrant veggies

For the boo-nanas and mummies, slice bananas lengthways, cut each half into three, and place each section onto a lolly stick. Freeze for 30 minutes. Next, dip the banana lollies into yoghurt, add two eyes with black icing, and a drizzle of toffee sauce to a few to create mummy bandages. Place in the freezer until set.

For the jack-o’-lantern houmous pots, remove the top of a pepper, deseed, then carefully carve the face. Fill with M&S piri-piri houmous and serve with crudités.

For the scary snakes, spread a puff pastry sheet with M&S Marmite® cream cheese. Cut into long strips and twist. Brush with egg, sprinkle with sesame seeds and add sunflower seeds for eyes. Bake until golden and add a small red pepper tongue.

Finally, to make the apple monsters, core and quarter apples. Cut a mouth from the outside of each quarter and fill with M&S crunchy peanut butter with maple and pecan. Add sunflower seeds for teeth, a strawberry-slice tongue and icing eyes.

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