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Our celebrity tasters are back in the M&S kitchen to try our exciting new vegan range, Plant Kitchen

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The awesome foursome

Our famous M&S Food tasters – Amanda Holden, Emma Willis, Rochelle Humes and Paddy McGuinness – are back, and they were the first to try our new vegan range, Plant Kitchen

What’s new this month

We invited our celebrity tasters to the M&S kitchen to put our first ever vegan range, Plant Kitchen, to the test. It includes over 50 flavour-packed, plant-based choices, all developed by our in-house chefs. From cauliflower popcorn to vegan pizza and our amazing meat-free burger, watch the latest episode to see what Amanda, Rochelle, Emma and Paddy got up to, and get inspired to try plant-based eating yourself. And don’t forget to join the conversation and share your favourites on social media using #MyMarksFave 

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Meet the panel

Rochelle Humes

Rochelle Humes

Rochelle loved our cauliflower popcorn. “I didn’t think you could beat a chicken nugget,” she says, “but M&S have done it!”

Paddy McGuinness

Paddy McGuinness

Paddy says our vegan coleslaw “goes with everything! It’s simply a great coleslaw that just happens to be vegan.”

Amanda Holden

Amanda Holden

“It smells of holidays,” says Amanda of our Thai green curry. “But what I love is, it’s really hot and spicy, and gives you a kick.”

Emma Willis

Emma Willis

Our no-beef burger was Emma’s favourite this month. “It’s really hard to find a good burger,” she says, “and I’ve just found it, with no meat in it!”

Our tasters’ four favourites

Cauliflower popcorn with Buffalo dip

Our crisp cauliflower popcorn comes with a sweet-and-spicy Buffalo dip: movie-night heaven


Vegan coleslaw

You’ll never believe this creamy, silky vegan coleslaw doesn’t contain dairy! Delicious with our no-beef burger

Thai green curry

This fragrant and fiery Thai green curry with chunks of tofu is perfect for chilly winter nights

No-beef burger

Our vegan version of the meaty classic has a great texture. Serve with your favourite toppings

Plant Kitchen range

Discover Plant Kitchen

All you need to know about our first ever vegan range, with over 50 flavour-packed, plant-based choices

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