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How to add a touch of summer

Give your summer some added sunshine with our clever little tips and tricks that will help turn ordinary occasions into special events. This month we show you how to make a refreshing granita to serve up at al fresco dinner parties and a lime cocktail garnish for fruity drinks

How to make pineapple granita

How to make
pineapple granita

Ready in 10 minutes, plus freezing
Serves 6

We made this granita using our new-to-store pineapple agua fresca. Serve it in a scooped-out pineapple to create a fun retro centrepiece for a party

750ml Pineapple Agua Fresca
1 lime, zested
2 tbsp white rum or tequila
Whole fresh pineapple, to serve

Step 1
Mix the agua fresca, lime zest and rum in a jug – adding a dash of alcohol means the granita won’t freeze too solidly, but has a nice, crunchy texture. Transfer the mixture to a large, lidded plastic container. Put in the freezer for one hour.

Step 2
Using a fork, rake the granita from the edges into the centre, then return to the freezer so that crystals form again. Repeat every 30 minutes, until the granita is frozen and has the appearance of finely crushed ice – this should take about three hours.

Step 3
Meanwhile, make the pineapple cup. Slice the top off the pineapple with a sharp knife, then cut around the inside edge of the bottom, leaving a 2cm border. Cut the flesh into quarters and scoop it out with a spoon. Cut a slice of pineapple from the top and set aside to use as a garnish.

Step 4
Take the granita from the freezer. Rake it into chunky crystals and spoon into the pineapple.

Serve immediately, topped with a wedge of pineapple.

Store the leftovers in the freezer until needed.

How to make a lime
cocktail garnish

Add a final flourish to your drinks with this fruity glass topper

Step 1
Hold a large lime firmly in one hand and carefully drag a zester in one direction across the surface to create a small square of stripes, about 2cm x 2cm.

Step 2
Turn the lime in your hand and make another square of stripes, at a right angle to the first square. Repeat until the whole lime is marked with this pattern.

Step 3
Use a small sharp knife to slice ‘cheeks’ away from the lime. These will form your cocktail garnish. You should be able to create three-four cheeks, depending on the size of the lime.

Step 4
Gently bend the lime cheeks so they form a slight curve, then thread each one onto a cocktail stick. Rest the stick across the top of your cocktail glass and serve immediately.

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