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Make your party food pop

The glasses are charged and your guests are at the door - when Christmas is in full swing, no one's going to judge if you take a few shortcuts when it comes to the food. Make our most luxurious pre-prepared party bites sing with a few final flourishes

Fast-track to wow-factor finger food

Perk up canapés:
A scattering of micro herbs like bright green coriander and purple amaranth leaves will make buffet bites, like our mini scallops en croute with champagne sauce, sing.

Bolster your breadbasket:
A warm basket of bread with your starter or main is a pure delight. Make yours extra special by serving up some flavoured butter alongside it. Just whizz up 100g of softened butter with any of the following for a punch of fresh flavour: a handful each of chopped pistachios and basil; a minced garlic clove and handful of chopped rosemary; a teaspoon of smoked paprika and squeeze of lemon juice.

Ice-cool drinks:
If you want crystal clear ice cubes, use boiled water from the kettle rather than plain tap water. Freeze anything from sprigs of thyme and dill to rose petals or slivers of fruit in drinks for added impact.


Get the party started

Break the ice with a plate of innovative party food.

It wouldn’t be a party without a pile of sausage rolls, grabbed by kids and dunked in ketchup; but this year we’ve elevated the classic party food to a higher place. Inspired by a three-bird roast, these handcrafted sausage rolls (top left) have a festive stuffing of turkey, chicken and duck, wrapped in crisp, golden pastry and topped with a carefully placed pastry holly decoration.

For a fresh spin on a favourite, serve Posh Fish Fingers with Salt and Vinegar Snow (top right). The crispy tempura batter is a wonder with the minted pea dip.

Trendspotters may have picked up on the craze for savoury doughnuts. Our new Dinky Hot and Sour Prawn Doughnuts (bottom right) are dusted with salt, sugar and chilli.

Tuck into bite-sized comfort food. Hog Roast on Mini Crackling Plates (bottom left) team shredded pork with apple sauce, plus sage and onion stuffing, on pork crackling plates.

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