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Discover top tips on how to care for your blooms

Preparing your flowers

Ensure your flowers receive enough water by cutting each stalk at an angle.

Remove any low-level leaves to give the stems more room and to avoid bacteria and wilting.

Don't forget to feed your blooms with the flower food, using the instructions provided.

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Picture-perfect blooms

Make sure your vase is clean, ready for your beautiful bouquet. Simply dilute bleach with water and rinse thoroughly.

Remember to top up with fresh water, and replace the water every two days.

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Glorious gift bags

Some of our bouquets arrive in beautiful gift bags, which you can use as a vase. Just add water after a few days to make sure your flowers last. If you remove the flowers from the bag, simply follow the steps above.

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Tips for green fingers

Don’t forget about our plants! All our plants come with specific instructions to ensure that they thrive. Some plants like sun, some don’t, some like a lot of watering, others aren’t thirsty!

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