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Looking to make a lighter choice? Low in calories but full of flavour, our Count on Us range includes delicious dishes, each with 400 calories or less

Count on Us haddock mornay and hunters chicken

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Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just fancy a lighter option, our Count on Us range has a healthy choice you’ll love. All the dishes are under 400 calories and low in fat, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on taste: from silky pasta to hearty chicken stew, these perfectly portioned meals will satisfy your comfort food cravings, while helping you take in a balanced amount of calories. As a rough guide, for women the average recommended calorie intake is 2,000 per day, while for men it’s 2,500 – less if you’re trying to lose weight. However, keep in mind this will vary based on you as an individual and your activity levels. To make it easy, all our Count on Us meals have the Weight Watchers points on the back of the pack*. Try the range for yourself now in store, and love food that loves you.

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Count on Us hunters chicken

Hunters chicken

Chicken with flavour-packed barbecue sauce and chunky potato wedges, just 299 calories

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Count on Us haddock mornay

Haddock mornay

Haddock fillets, mashed potatoes and peas with a creamy white wine sauce, only 323 calories

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Count on Us beef ragu

Beef ragu

An unctuous beef ragu with roasted garlic and Italian pasta, only 378 calories per portion

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The winning chicken dinner

New to our range in store now, our Count on Us hunters chicken is the ultimate warming one-pot supper, and just 299 calories. Tender chicken is cooked in a smokey, sweet (and a little bit fiery) tomato sauce, and topped with melting cheddar cheese. It’s served with seasoned potato wedges: the ultimate proof that counting the calories doesn’t have to mean cutting out food with the comfort factor.

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The flavour-filled fish supper

Classic British flavours inspire our Count on Us haddock mornay, available in store now. It’s made with two delicate haddock fillets and a creamy, smooth cheddar cheese sauce. Alongside, there’s fluffy mash and vibrant green peas. Serve with a wedge of lemon and enjoy a nourishing, quick and easy dinner at only 323 calories.

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The perfect pasta, pronto

Our Count on Us beef ragu is a delicious option if you want to watch the number of calories you consume, but don’t want to compromise on bold, hearty flavours. The slow-cooked beef and tomato ragu is made with heady roasted garlic and mushrooms, and served with al dente Italian pasta. Each dish comes in at just 378 calories, so you can enjoy in confidence. Simply serve with a crisp green salad.

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