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    Luxury 1000 Mattress

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    Luxury 1000 Mattress

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      Made in UK

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      Product ID: T397100A

      A more luxurious mattress, with hand-nested, centre-tied pocketed springs to ensure they move individually, allowing the mattress to shape to your body for the perfect sleeping environment. With the addition of hand side-stitching, these mattresses provide a full edge-to-edge sleeping surface.


      • Double- H190 x W135
      • King size- H200 x W150
      • Super king size- H200 x W180
      • Depth: 26 cm
      • Depth In: 10.2 in

      Item details

      • Pocket sprung layer, luxury soft white fibre, lambswool and hand teased lambswool
      • Border: 3 rows hand side stitching
      • 8 handles and 16 silver vents
      • No need to Regular turn mattress: Turn (flip) and rotate your mattress once a week for the first 3 months, then once a month thereafter to ensure longevity. the mattress, although regular rotation will extend the life of the mattress
      • Anti allergy protection: The fibres of the tick and the top layer of the fibre pad inside the mattress
      • have been coated with an anti-dust mite and anti allergy treatment.
      • This treatment deactivates the micro-organisms that dust mites need to pre-digest its food (the skin).
      • Disrupting the food chain will therefore control the dust mite population.
      • This treatment is safe for humans, and will not migrate to the skin and the environment.
      • It is effective for the whole of the mattress
      • All our mattresses have been treated to safeguard against dust mite allergies, and the protection lasts for their whole life
      • We test sample mattresses rigorously to make sure they remain comfortable for years. The fabric is rubbed
      • 15,000 times against a hard surface to test resistance to wear,
      • then machines pound the mattress 80,000 times and subject it to 20,000 rolls to simulate a sleeping person's movements
      • Our mattress manufacturer was the first bed company to be awarded the Guild Mark,
      • a distinction granted only to manufacturers that meet the highest standards of design, workmanship, materials and function
      • Made in UK

      More information

      • Mattress Spring count: 4ft 6in : 1512
      • 5ft: 1760
      • 6ft : 2112
      • Mattress Type: Luxury
      • Mattress Handle: Yes

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