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An Avalanche rose and lisianthus bouquet split between a selection of jugs and vases




Photographer: Martin Poole

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Deputy flowers editor


Bring the feeling of an English country garden into your home with this delightful display of in-season blooms

Not all roses are created equal. With their large heads and fat, blousy petals, handpicked Avalanche roses are a favourite at royal weddings and haute couture runway shows. They look beautiful alongside snapdragons and feathery lisianthus in this pastel-pretty bouquet, inspired by a vintage country garden. For a wow-worthy way to display them, arrange in a selection of mismatched glass vases and bell jars of differing heights. To create the look, fill the vases halfway up with water, place them on a console or dining table, and begin to fill each vase, starting with the roses then adding the smaller flowers and foliage as you go. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly even – it all adds to the loose, wild feel of a garden in full summer bloom.
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