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A babygrow is the best way to dress your baby especially during the early newborn days. Here’s everything you need to know about this nursery essential

What is a babygrow and how many newborn sleepsuits do you need?

Until you have a baby of your own, you might not realise just how important a garment the babygrow is. Also known as a sleepsuit, a babygrow is a one-piece suit that covers a little one’s arms, legs and usually feet, often with poppers that fasten down the front. They’re a practical choice for busy parents as they are easy to wash and tumble dry and will keep your baby cosy day and night.

A babygrow is the perfect way to dress a newborn as it’s so quick and easy to take off and on, a must in the very early days when young babies are more susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. Changing a nappy in the middle of the night is challenging at the best of times, dressing your baby in a babygrow will make the process much easier as it’s much less fiddly than pyjamas or a nightdress. We have a range of babygrows with zips to make changing time even more speedy.

Quite simply, a pack of newborn sleepsuits is a must-buy for any parent-to-be. You’ll need at least six to eight babygrows for a newborn, as you could need to change their clothes three or four times a day (thanks to milky dribbles and leaky nappies). Older babies and toddlers need less, as they could be wearing one just at night, so having around four or five babygrows for this age group is ideal.

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Discover our range of babygrows

So, what makes our babygrows so good? Firstly, they’re made from pure cotton which will feel luxuriously soft against a baby’s delicate skin. The nickle-free poppers won’t irritate, and all of our sleepsuits from newborn to six months have built-in scratch mitts for safety. There’s also our baby-safe toe design, so there’s never any loose threads to wrap around tiny toes, plus flat seams for added comfort. For babies starting to get on the move, sleepsuits from nine months old are designed with handy non-slip feet to help minimise any tumbles.

Our wide collection of babygrows ranges from practical multipacks of white newborn sleepsuits for newborns and up, to those bursting with pattern and colour, featuring adorable designs of animals, flowers and dinosaurs. Gorgeous AND practical, what’s not to love?

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Words: Sarah Lafarge