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Take the stress out of skincare with our new range of smart, science-backed products


Introducing Fresh Elements

When did building a skincare routine get so complicated? Taking great care of your skin should be easy, which is why we’re saying no to elaborate regimes packed full of necessary steps and confusing jargon. Meet Fresh Elements, a new range of simple but effective skincare for a fuss-free routine that really works. This is science-backed skincare that doesn’t require a dermatology degree to understand. The range is split into three categories focusing on everyday skin concerns: Glow uses Vitamin C to brighten dull-looking skin, Clarify tackles blemish-prone skin with mandelic acid and Hydrate soothes dry, thirsty skin with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

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Give tired skin a glow up with Vitamin C

Complexion looking and feeling a little lacklustre? Go for the Glow range, which contains Vitamin C to brighten up dull skin. Some of our top picks from the range include the Sunshine Tonic Glycolic Acid Toner, a glow-boosting tonic that unifies an uneven skin tone and boosts brightness. Simply soak a cotton pad in the tonic and sweep it over clean skin. We’re also big fans of the Dream On Radiant Overnight Serum, which leaves skin looking less tired after the first use, delivers long-lasting brightness and is deeply moisturising. Finish your night-time routine with the Brightening Night Cream, a hydrating night cream that delivers brighter skin by morning and targets pigmentation.

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Tackle breakouts with mandelic acid

Oily skin that’s prone to blemishes will love the Clarify range, which uses mandelic acid to refine skin and soothe spots. Start your nightly skincare regime with the Jelly Fresh Perfecting Cleanser, a deep cleaning cleanser that helps skin look clearer and makes pores look minimised. Follow with the Clear Out Refining Overnight Serum and the Calming Night Cream, an oil-free moisturiser that soothes and hydrates blemish prone skin. You’ll love how it calms redness and reduces oiliness, all while moisturising the skin. Take some time for self-care with the No Biggie Deep Cleansing Clay Mask, an intensive clay face mask that draws out impurities, minimises shine and reduces the look of pores. If a pesky spot has appeared just in time for a special event (we’ve all been there), use the What Blemish? Control Pen to neutralise the blemish, shrink any bumps and calm redness.

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Hydrate skin with hyaluronic acid

If your skin is feeling thirsty, look no further than the Hydrate range from Fresh Elements. It contains hyaluronic acid to soften and smooth dry skin. Remove make-up without drying or stripping skin with the gently cleansing Feeling Pristine Micellar Water, which washes away make-up and pollution particles. Patchy, dull skin will love the Soak Star Overnight Moisture Cream. It’s a multi-tasking overnight cream that gives 24-hour hydration, plumping skin and smoothing the fine lines. It also supports your skin barrier, which can be damaged by lack of sleep, pollution, and stress. If your skin needs a hit of instant moisture, we can’t stop using the Non-Stop Dew Drops, a fast-absorbing face oil that leaves skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

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Words: Emily Sutherland