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Style columnist Esther Walker ponders what to wear for the weekend


Well, OK, not weekend style as much as weekend ‘style’. Because who wants to have style at the weekend?

During the week we have to have style. We must have work style, or at-home style, or childcare style, or going-to-the-gym style, or at-the-shops style. People might see us in daylight during the week and judge us if we haven’t made an effort with our style.

I may spend as much as five minutes thinking about what I am going to wear that day. That is a long time to spend thinking about an outfit.

And those minutes stack up over the week, so by Saturday morning I rather feel like clawing back time and spending no minutes on thinking about what to wear. Or, alternatively, putting together an outfit in 30 seconds that’s unlike anything else I’ve been wearing that week so as

to give my poor eyes a break from looking at the same stuff day after day.

My most prized weekend outfits are the ones that have a touch of last night about them – but just a touch. You know, perhaps a silky blouse, a smudge of under-eye mascara, a glitzy bag, too many necklaces or a glamorous coat. It says, ‘I was up late,’ with the added kicker of ‘… and I don’t care,’ because, of course, c’est le weekend.

Put these racy items with something really quite slack – the item in your wardrobe which is the equivalent of the lazy kid at the back who never does its homework (but is somehow popular with absolutely everyone) – and, according to me, you’re winning at the weekend.

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Joggers equal ultimate
weekend comfort
Add some glitz with
gold flecks
A bag that doubles as
a teddy? Win
A neutral coat to go
with anything


“I’m wearing my dream weekend outfit. This black and gold blouse is one of my favourite things”


I think the internet has a lot to answer for when it comes to getting dressed generally, but particularly on a Saturday and Sunday. Put ‘cute weekend outfit’ into Pinterest for example, and you will be rewarded with pictures of girls with flowing hair down to their waists wearing floppy hats and gilets and platform over-the-knee boots. Or mini skirts or jeans with a striped top – please Lord save us from stripes at the weekend.

And Instagram. Heavens above. Instagram has taken the two days of the week when we can legitimately get dressed in the dark and there is no one to tell us that, actually, it’s against company policy to wear pyjamas, and turned them into a competition. Not cool.

In the picture on the left, I am wearing my dream weekend outfit. This black and gold blouse is one of my favourite things – I could still be wearing it from last night or it could be fresh on; it hides all weekend-related stains (thanks, kids) and can be thrown into the washing machine. The side-stripe joggers are easy on

the Saturday morning wine bloat and my put-upon feet are safe in their trainers.

The most important element is the coat, which is a type of coat every woman ought to have in her wardrobe – an oversized, soft, semi-tailored coat. It will coddle you and not give you any hassle or restrict your movement at a time when you may be feeling a little chewed-up; deep pockets are handy for such things as Alka Seltzer and smelling salts – possibly a croissant in a paper bag? All the weekend morning essentials…

I have always had one of these coats on the go, whether they are in or out of fashion, and so you can imagine how delighted I am to find one at M&S. At last the caprice of the stylish world has caught up with me.

Last but not least my bag – the ultimate cuddle clutch – that is ideal for a weekend where at any moment, let’s face it, you may badly need to lie down and take a nap.



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Editor: Sophie Hines / Photographer: Jonty Davies / Stylist: Alex Steadman / Make-up: Lindsey Poole
Hair stylist: Heath Massi / Manicurist: Emma Welsh

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