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Bottle of Herbert Beaufort champagne with Nouveau champagne saucers and a chilled champagne box




Photographer: Stuart Hall

Editor’s Pick: the insiders’ must-haves


Emma Sleight

Food & wine editor


Make an entrance with champagne that’s chilled and ready to pop thanks to our clever expanding gift box

Turning up to a festive bash with a bottle of the good stuff is party rule number one. But that inevitably means handing over something that’s travel-warmed and bordering on undrinkable. So head to the M&S Foodhall for one of our innovative new bottle boxes. Built with expandable seams and a special coated inner, these clever carriers are made to be filled with ice, so you can arrive with pre-chilled fizz that’s ready to party. All you have to do is choose your champagne – I’ll be opting for the creamy, pale gold Herbert Beaufort from France’s aptly named Bouzy region.
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“Pick your favourite champagne
and serve in STYLE with our
nifty expanding box”