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Yes way, rosé

From pale Provence styles to fruity zinfandels, pick up a bottle of perfect pink when you’re next in store or buy a case online and try our refreshing cocktail ideas

Coming up rosé

Summer – it's all sunshine and rosés here at M&S, and we have some corkers to cheers to the warmer weather with. From our soft, fresh and elegant Susumaniello from Italy’s beautiful Apulia region, to the French Vive L’ete with aromas of berries, citrus and peach. 

Or perfectly paired with a summery seafood, our M&S Abertura Vinho Verde is a spritzy, delicate and zesty rosé with notes of wild strawberries, raspberries and a dash of lime.

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Ready to join the Pet Nat posse? 

It’s the unique style taking the world's trendiest wine bars by storm, and we’re proud to have our very own British Pet Nat in the Foodhalls too. Short for ‘Pétillant Naturel’, this unique wine finishes its fermentation in the bottle, leaving the yeast sediment to add flavours, creaminess and bubbles. Made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Gris grapes, grown at Heppington Vineyard near the Kent Downs, our M&S Pet Nat Brut is an unfiltered sparkling rosé, with savoury notes of wild strawberries, cranberries, almonds and blossom. Chill well and gently swirl the bottle before serving with mildly spicy food or dishes rich in umami, such as ramen, miso broth or mushroom risotto. 

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The zero hero rosé

ancy your rosé without the alcohol? Our Fizzero Rosé is a pink drink with a difference. Refreshing and finely balanced, the non-alcoholic favourite is made with a combination of sparkling fermented grape juice blended with premium green tea for added body. With notes of raspberry and strawberry, and a pleasing acidity, you won’t even realise it’s not the real thing! 

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Chill out

Serve your rosé much like you would a bottle of white – around 7-13°C, or with a 20-30 minute chill time in the fridge.

Storage solutions

No wine cellar? No problem! Just keep your rosé somewhere away from direct light and humidity, that isn’t affected by big temperature changes. Once opened, enjoy within 3-5 days to prevent it from oxidising.

Colour cues

Love a citrussy, exotic tasting rosé? Look out for paler pink wines. If you prefer a fuller-bodied glass with more red fruit, blackcurrant and strawberry notes – a darker pink rosé may be for you!

Perfect pairings

Rosé pairs well with bright, acidic and sweet mixers like lemonade, grenadine or fruit juice. You could even add seltzer or soda water for a bit of fizz.

How to make a frosé cocktail

Try this grown-up take on a slushy for a cool way to enjoy your rosé this summer. To make, blend a cold bottle of rosé with a handful of frozen strawberries, a handful of ice and sugar to taste. Serve in champagne coupés with mini straws, and toast the sunshine with a pretty-in-pink drink.

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Wine and cheese please 

For a fresh take on a classic wine and cheese pairing, our soft and elegant Found Susumaniello Rosé is perfectly complemented by the creamy, sharp flavours of our barrel-aged Greek feta. Why not try this winning combo in our honey and za-atar-baked feta recipe, served with warm flatbreads.

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Lamb shish kebab pasta

Lamb shish kebab pasta 

We love a fusion dish at M&S – and it doesn’t get more fusion than this. We’ve combined the flavours of your favourite kebab takeaway – lamb shish, mint, garlic sauce, chilli sauce and chopped salad – with comforting Italian pasta. Enjoy with a chilled glass of M&S Rosé Pet Nat Brut.

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Heritage tomato salad

Burrata and heritage tomato salad

The perfect partner to peppery salad leaves and sweet tomatoes? Super-creamy burrata topped with fresh basil and cracked black pepper. Pair this summery dish with a light and bright glass of M&S Vive l’Ete Rosé.

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Garlic and herb prawns on toast

Garlic and herb prawns on toast

Made for hot summer days when you want something delicious that requires minimal time in the kitchen, try these aromatic prawns seasoned with garlic and herbs, on chargrilled sourdough, pasta or in salads. The flavours work perfectly with our M&S Abertura Vinho Verde Rosé.

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