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M&S King asparagus

Spears of glory

You know spring has officially sprung with the arrival of our British asparagus. Some of our British asparagus is sourced from the Chinn family, on their farms in the beautiful Wye Valley. The light sandy soil in the sheltered valley is perfect for asparagus production. Plus, the cooler climate means there’s time for the flavours to develop. 

Keep an eye out for King Asparagus, the biggest most delicious asparagus you'll ever eat, launching in store in May.

Meet our asparagus farmer

Chris Chinn and his fourth-generation farming family have been supplying us with British asparagus since 2007 – because nobody understands this stunning spring crop like they do. Chris uses modern farming techniques, such as polythene covers and drip irrigation, and the farm’s south-facing slopes to grow asparagus for longer. This means he can harvest the first spears in February and keep going through to the beginning of July. Furthermore, the Chinn family are committed to working in harmony with nature. “We have grass waterways within our fields and add wildflower mixes to attract pollinators,” says John. They also work with Cranfield University, experimenting with winter crops to build up organic matter, improve the soil’s microbiome and increase earthworm numbers because, as John says, “Healthy soil grows healthy food.”

Asparagus grower John Chinn

Asparagus recipe inspiration

Make these stunning spears shine with these wow-worthy recipe ideas that are packed with spring flavours.