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Hot cross yums

Fancy something comforting? Look no further than our delicious sweet or savoury hot cross buns, now £1 a pack. Scroll for tasty topping and recipe inspiration 

Bring on the buns

Whether you love them filled with plump juicy fruits, delicious gluten-free versions or want to mix things up with salted caramel and chocolate or chilli and cheese, there’s a hot cross bun for every taste, just £1 per pack.

All our hot cross buns are suitable for freezing. To defrost, simply thaw for a couple of hours at room temperature and then toast and top with our delicious suggestions below.

Tasty ways to top your buns

As delicious as they are simply toasted with butter, you can take your buns up a gear with these four irresistible ideas:

  • Top our salted caramel and chocolate hot cross buns with chocolate and hazelnut spread and maple-roasted pear slices.
  • Grill bacon until crisp, then serve on our chilli and cheese hot cross buns for an epic take on a classic bacon sarnie.
  • Whip butter with a little cinnamon, brown sugar and mixed spice, then spread over our luxury hot cross buns. 
  • Make a quick blueberry compote by simmering blueberries with sugar, then serve on toasted blueberry hot cross buns with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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New buns on the block

Made with tangy West Country cheddar and a dash of hot sauce for a fiery kick, our chilli and cheese hot cross buns are perfect when simply toasted with butter or topped with cheese and chilli jam. Feeling creative? Try Chris Baber's tasty hot cross brunch idea, and top with a runny-yolked fried egg, crispy bacon and avocado. 


Chris Baber's cracking hot cross brunch

Shake up your breakfast with chef Chris Baber's new idea, using our chilli and cheese hot cross buns. 

To make it, grill bacon until crisp and slice half an avocado. Fry an egg until it's just how you like it. Spread the toasted chilli cheese buns with a little chilli jam or hot sauce, then assemble in a sandwich with avocado, bacon and a fried egg on top.



Love your leftovers

Transform your chilli cheese hot cross buns into this irresistible savoury pudding. 

To make it, simply slice and butter six of our chilli cheese hot cross buns and arrange in a buttered baking dish. 

Mix four eggs with 1L milk and add a generous handful of grated cheddar (or any of your favourite hard cheese) and a pinch of cayenne (paprika would work well too). Pour the mixture over the buttered buns, then bake in the oven until golden and bubbling. Lovely simply served with a fresh green salad. 

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